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Oct 24

3 steps in planning a fun vacation in Mexico

Riviera Maya is probably the one hot and happening place in Mexico as far as vacations and holiday makers are concerned. It’s incredibly beautiful and it has the great advantage of catering to all sorts of tourists and travellers, as it can be both peaceful and wild, depending on what type of activities and explorations you get involved in. To that extent, if you’re already planning your next summer holiday, then Mexico and Riviera Maya in particular should definitely make your top destinations list. There are plenty of fun things to do in Riviera Maya and if you don’t want to miss out on anything, here are 3 important steps to plan the best vacation you can have.

  1. Book your stay first

Although a fun vacation implies exciting activities and maybe thrilling excursions or tours, booking accommodation should always be first on your planning agenda. This way, you can just put it out of the way and focus on all the other things to do in Riviera Maya, once you’re there. But a poor accommodation can really put a damp on your entire vacation, which is why a little research is advisable. The area has known quite a development over the last years and therefore many beautiful and chic resorts are now available for you to book your stay. Make sure you choose a nice hotel, so that you can enjoy the beautiful Mexico at its best.


  1. Look into pre-booked tours

Once you’ve got accommodation taken care of, the next point of focus should be, of course, the most exciting things to do in Riviera Maya. This stage depends greatly on each and every tourist’s likes and passions, as some people prefer chill out activities and relaxing undertakings, such as horseback riding or wine tasting, while others prefer adrenaline pushing adventures, such as ATV tours or extreme sports. Whatever your preferences may be, there is certainly a right tour for your plans, you just need to research the market properly. Due to the fact that Riviera Maya has become such a popular vacation destination, the number of tour operators and travel agencies has increased quite significantly, which means tourists should be a lot more careful and attentive when booking their holiday and extra excursions or tours for their time there.


  1. Schedule everything in

As you’ll browse through the many available tours and things to do in Riviera Maya, you’ll most likely be dazzled by how much there is to see, explore and experience and you might be tempted to book it all. Before you do that, make sure you actually have time for every activity you want to undertake and keep in mind you might also want to eat, sleep, sunbathe and swim, so it can’t all be about visiting archaeological sites and driving ATVs. Make a schedule and see just how much time you have exactly for extra activities and tours.


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