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Aug 30

5 Tips for a Fun and Safe Family Boat Trip

Going on a small cruise or a boat trip can be extremely fun. However, traveling with kids is always complicated. There’s the matter of boat safety, and you also have to consider ways of keeping the kids entertained. Moreover, there are a lot of things that can go wrong on a boat, so you need to be prepared for everything. To avoid problems and stressful situations, follow our simple tips for a fun and safe family boat trip:

1. Travel at night for long distances

If you are not traveling by boat for sightseeing, but for practical reasons, it is always best to travel at night. It will be quieter, the time will fly a lot faster, and you won’t have to worry about keeping the kids entertained.

2. Boat safety before anything else

When you are on a small boat, there are a lot of safety measures that you need to consider. First of all, everybody must wear life jackets. Moreover, instruct the kids on what they are not allowed to do, and give them some tasks to keep them entertained. For example, you can pretend that you are all sailors or pirates, and everybody has a task to keep the boat on the right track.

3. Make a trip plan

Whether you own a boat, you rent one or you embark on a small cruise, it is always better to tell your trip schedule to someone who will stay on land. Tell them the departure time, the itinerary and the arrival plan. This way, if something happens and you don’t come back on time, your friend can call the coast guard and a rescue mission will be on the way swiftly, and they will know in what area to look for you.

4. Keep your valuables safe

When you are on a boat, you have to take extra care of your valuables. You can use a waterproof bag for your phone and your papers, but make sure to keep it on you at all times. If you plan on swimming choose a waterproof waist bag. Moreover, it is very common for people to lose their keys on boat trips. Keys are heavy and if you happen to drop them in the water, they will be gone for good. To prevent this from happening, go to and choose one of the many available floating key chains. If you have several keys on the same ring, make sure to choose a big floating keychain that can support the weight of all your keys.

5. Plan some activities

As we already mentioned, you can try a little pirate game to keep the kids entertained. However, this means that they will be running around on the boat, which will require some supervising effort on your part. However, there are some ways in which you can keep the kids still yet entertained. A pack of cards is easy to pack and it can provide hours of entertainment. Fishing rods are always fun, and if the kids are older, you can pack some notebooks and crayons and encourage them to start a travel diary.


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