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Nov 1

Amazing places to visit in Europe

We’ll talk today about the 10 most amazing destinations in Europe. These places visited on a holiday will give you a bunch of unforgettable memories.

It is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. In London there are many tourist and attractions that are worth visiting. The first of these is Buckingham Palace. You must also reach the Tower of London and you will not regret it. There are many attractions that you can get to just by walking the streets of the city.

Going around Europe would not be complete without a visit to Paris. It is the most romantic city in the world and you must get to the Eiffel Tower because it is a special place to visit in Europe and you will live unique moments there. When you get tired to walk the streets of Paris you must fall into one of the famous cafes and enjoy the flavor of Paris.

Charles Bridge is the most beautiful and famous place in Prague. The place is especially beautiful at night when all the lights are lit. Prague has a wonderful culture and people are very friendly to tourists.

Another off the chart place to visit in Europe is Amsterdam a city that is worth seeing being full of history and having a vibrant nightlife. One thing is certain in this city: you can not get bored.
Some sights worth visiting: Madame Tussauds – Wax Museum in Amsterdam, Dam Square which is found in the Palace Dam, Heineken Factory – turned into a museum in 1988, Van Gogh Museum – hosting more than 200 paintings placed the time the creative periods of his homes.


It is a great place to visit in Europe and for most people, Venice is synonymous with romance. You must go at least once in Venice, and certainly you’ll love this city.


La Rambla is probably the most famous area of Barcelona and with good reason. La Rambla stretches from Plaça de Catalunya to the statue of Columbus and is filled with newspaper stands, flower stalls and animals and all kinds of artists. It is undoubtedly the place where all kinds of people, tourists and locals in an extravagant and colorful diversity meet.

A city that is not to be missed on a trip in Europe is Rome. There are many places that are worth visiting in Rome, but the Coliseum and the state of Vatican are two important places to visit in Europe.


A city famous for its famous bullfighting and for the entertainment needs of its residents. In Madrid you should visit the Royal Palace, the Prado Museum, the Plaza of Castilla, the Crystal Palace, the Templo Debod, and the Plaza Mayor which are all located downtown.


The so called city chosen by Gods is a must visit place, along with the Acropolis and Agora. And it is the perfect holiday place to visit in Europe.

The so called by locals “The Athens of Italy”. It is the most beautiful city in the Tuscan region of Italy, famous for its spectacular landscapes, wines and cuisine. Last but not least you should not miss the sunset over the Arno River. It amazes tourists who return every year to admire the beauty of Italy.


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