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Jul 14

Buying alcohol as a tourist in Florida

Travelling is an extremely popular hobby, and more and more people strive to see as many countries as they can. if you are passionate about travelling, then you should know that before heading to a faraway country, you have to prepare more than your luggage: you also have to update your knowledge base. This is due to the fact that each country and even state, if we speak about the United States, for instance, has its own rules and laws. For this reason, if you want to have a safe stay and also avoid unpleasant surprises, than you should inform yourself in advance. If you choose to travel to Florida, then you must know that when it comes to alcohol, the laws are extremely strict and traders need to collaborate with companies such as Liquor License FL in order to get a special authorization. As a tourist in Florida, here is some of the alcohol related information you may find useful:

You cannot buy alcohol in grocery stores

Taking into consideration that laws are very restrictive and getting an authorization is a difficult process requiring the involvement of specialized companies, not all grocery stores can sell certain beverages. In case you were just planning to grab a beer from the shop near your hotel and enjoy it in your room, then you will have to think twice, because this may be more difficult than you thought. Shop owners who want to offer alcohol to their clients will have to make sure they have a separate room – alcohol cannot be stored and sold together with other goods, foods or non-alcoholic drinks.


You will have to choose the perfect time

Another thing that may seem strange to you, as a tourist, is the fact that you cannot purchase alcoholic beverages at any time. This is even weirder, since in Florida the restrictions related to alcohol purchase vary depending on the store and the day of the week: light beverages (beer or wine) can be sold sometimes in retail stores, gas stations and supermarkets, while spirits can only be bought from a package store. In addition to this, you will not be able to find a shop where you can purchase any type of alcohol during Sundays. Another interesting fact you should know is that the time table is also relevant: regardless the day of the week or the occasion, after 3AM, no bar, restaurant or store can sell alcoholic drinks, until 7AM in the morning, although it has a liquor license.


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