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Sep 8

Cheap locations to choose for a city break


In case you are thinking about a city break but you do not spend a fortune on it, here is the perfect option for you: any Thomson Holidays Voucher code. Do you know how a holiday voucher code works? If not, here is a short definition of them: finding cheap flights, accommodation, car hiring, parking reservations and so on – a new opportunity to save money and obtain qualitative services. Now that you know you will need to search for vouchers, let’s make a list with city break locations that are completely affordable:


This is one of the greatest destinations for a city break if you are thinking about good food, lots of places to visit, interesting people and, most importantly, a small amount of money to spend. You can see the whole beauty of Milan in just two days, especially if you like to experience the life on hidden streets and museums. The Duomo in Milan is the one building that you will want to catch a glimpse at from the moment you step into this beautiful city. The Armani Museum, La Scala Opera or the Sforzesco Castle are top checkpoints to reach in your city break. The entrances will not be too expensive either and if you are a fan of architecture this is going to be your paradise.


If you are in love with the Mediterranean Sea and you simply cannot stay away from it, a city break in Malta could fulfil all your expectations. Malta is a wonderful destination that could represent an option not only in the summer, but also autumn in case you are not used to high temperatures. You can go sunbathe and take a break from the mundane activities until November, when temperatures start to drop and the sea won’t be as friendly as before. Most popular beaches include Blue Lagoon on island Comino, Golden Bay, Mellieha Bay. If you are a fun of colourful places, try reaching the streets of Valetta and be prepared to take a lot of photos.


You like travelling with the plane? Then Berlin is your shot. You may be wondering what this have to do with budget. Well, you will be surprised to hear that Berlin has the cheapest airfares. Look for vouchers and offers and book a ticket early enough and you will basically spend nothing on a trip to Berlin. Plus, the city is full of monuments to remind you of huge history events such as the Cold War or WWII. If you are a food lover, Germany is the place where food is generous both in quantity and quality for small prices.

No matter where you choose to go, keep in mind that you will have to remain under the budget. Try staying away from souvenirs you do not need and start focusing on making memories and concentrating at what you are seeing in that respective moment. These are the things that matter – money is just a formality.


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