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Jul 13

Choosing between a cruise and a fly and drive holiday

Some people go on holidays on a whim and decide, or better yet choose, within minutes where to go and when, without much or any planning to that extent. On the other hand, there are people who plan their vacations way in advance and carefully lay out every detail of their trip, taking as much joy in the planning process as in the trip itself. And there is every reason for them to do so too, as vacationing today opens up so many possibilities and options, beyond the traditional 5 or 7-night stay at a hotel somewhere. Now, people have multi centre vacations, cruise holidays, self-drive trips and so on to choose from and each and every one comes with exciting attractions.

The fancy of cruise holidays

Cruises can be very exotic holidays, especially if you go to the Caribbean’s or to Asian destinations, such as Singapore or Phuket. They can also be extremely relaxing, as all the activities you get to enjoy are within a relatively small space, so you don’t have to walk or go far for a coffee, a fancy dinner, shopping or sunbathing and swimming. It’s all there, on these amazingly large and amazingly luxurious cruise ships. There are not few those who don’t see the point in fly and drive holidays for instance, all that fuss and changing around, when one could very well be relaxing on the deck, enjoying the breeze and not missing out on entertainment even a bit. Don’t think for a second that you will get bored on that ship, because cruises are well packed as far as entertainment is concerned. They’ve got shows and dinner theatre, bars and great shops, not to mention casinos, as a little gambling can be utterly fun while sailing to beautiful destinations.


The beauty of fly and drive holidays

However wonderful cruise holidays can be, they’re not for everyone. People with sea sickness, for instance, would never dare to be on a ship for 15 nights. Also, if you are looking for a more active time, then fly and drive kind of vacations are the answer. You get to choose from hundreds of destinations worldwide and fly there, which also saves you time, and then drive yourself or your family or with your friends around the country or area, thus getting to explore more places. This type of holidays is great if you’re thinking about vacationing in the United States, as you can fly out to California and enjoy the fantastic beaches, but then drive to Nevada, Arizona and more to explore historical sites, have fun in Vegas or whatever you wish to do.


Booking your dream vacation

Booking package holidays, such as cruises or fly and drive holidays, requires a bit of research, as it is important to make sure everything is covered, be absolutely in the know about what’s included in the package and of course, make sure you find the best deal. It’s better to go with travel agencies or tour operators than try to plan it yourself, as they have much more experience with this kind of vacations and know how to address every detail.


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