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Sep 28

Croatia – a place you should see once in a lifetime

Croatia is considered one of the coolest places from the Mediterranean Sea, so if you do not get along with the hot summer days, then you should put it on your holiday destinations. People, who have visited it, state that it is one of the most amazing countries in Europe. It has a great history so if you want to travel to a place where things wait for you to discover them, then you should include it on your list. Every day there are created new flights to Croatia, and new hotels are build, because more and more tourists visit it. You should know from the beginning that Croatia is a non-euro currency. So many people choose to visit this country, because its beauty is preserved, and they can see locations that have not changed their look since 1980s. If you need more reasons to book a tour to Croatia, then here are a few.

The water is of a beautiful turquoise color

If you plan to visit the country during summer, then you may want to go to the seaside. And Croatia has plenty to offer when it comes to sea, because there are very few coast lines so astounding as this one. Every one of the beaches you will visit will definitely take your breath away, so you should make sure to take a day to relax on the seaside. The water is so clear you can see through it, and its color is the same turquoise as the sky. In addition, where you count that Croatia is famous for the great number of islets and islands it has, so you should book Gecko Guided Tours Croatia to visit them.

The country is rich in history

Over the years there have been discovered many archeological sites, and if you are passionate about history, then Croatia is the place to visit. The entire country is filled with caves that hide objects made by the people who were living the place many centuries ago, and the sites from the Stone Age are the most well-known ones. Also, the majority of cities from Croatia have historical centers that were designed in an architecture specific to this region so booking Guided Tours in Split is a good idea if you do not want to miss a thing.   

The food is amazing

The food in Croatia is a combination of the Italian cuisine and the classic Mediterranean flavor. But because lately more and more tourists visit this country, you will find many restaurants that bring a new-world twist to their dishes. Also, if you like wine, then this country will delight your senses, because it is famous for the wine selection it has. The climate is just perfect for healthy grapes to grow, and you will see many beautiful vineyards when you will visit the country.

The nature amazes you

When it comes to Croatia, it has everything a person would want when planning a holiday. The mountains meets the amazing beaches and the Adriatic Sea is the home of many spectacular caves. If you visit Croatia, do not forget to put on your list the Plitvice Lakes National Park, because it will full you with awe.


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