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Mar 9

Cyprus – A never-ending touristic story


The third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, the island of Cyprus has e politically difficult history, which resulted in the separation of the Island in two different political entities. Driven by a an ethnic and religious conflict, the history was not understanding with the Turk and Greek inhabitants here, contesting each other’s rights on the island. After a coup d’état that took place in 1974, the two parts of the island remained separated, and throughout the years, the tensioned and peaceful periods alternated. However, in May 2015, the two regions of the island relaunched the reunification talks. However, regardless of its political status, the island was a popular travel destination. Nowadays, travel enthusiasts are thrilled about the Cyprus holidays organised here by various travel agencies.

The climate – Hot, and perfect for touristic encounters

The island’s climate is a temperate one, with humid, hot summers and cool winters. The south coast of the island is more travel appropriate in late spring or early autumn. The hot, torrid summer days might be too much for tourists not used with this type of climate. And although swimming is feasible throughout the winter and early spring, not all resorts and hotels are opened, making it difficult for tourists to enjoy the great Cyprus weather.

Why to visit Southern Cyprus?

Hosting two main industrial ports, Limassol and Larnaca, they are considered the main attractions of this part of the island. The bars and taverns, the local markets filled with local products, all manufactured with great care by craftsmen in the area, a magnificent medieval museum, they all make some of the most worthy attractions of Limassol. With a more Middle Eastern appearance, Larnaca, a less animated, yet superb port, managed to become an important player on the local touristic market in the late years. With a pedestrian and cyclist centre, it preserves most of its medieval appearance, while more and more actions in terms of creating touristic facilities take place. For instance, in the near future, the first Cypriot cruise ship will be inaugurated in this port, making it even a more important touristic player. Fuelled by the reunification promises, more British and Russian tourists consider this island the perfect retreat spot for their exotic vacations. Because it is a safe exotic-like location, unlike the Middle East itself, we can understand quite easy why tourists are more and more drawn by the idea of a week spent in this quiet piece of Heaven.

Some basic info and common sense rules before you go

The currency on the island is Euro, since the country is now a European Union member. In terms of etiquette, you must know that while visiting their religious retreats, it is not allowed to take photographs or video record anything.  Of course, fashion wise, both men and women should be dressed modestly while visiting churches and monasteries, meaning women should cover their bodies and avoid trousers.

Cyprus is one of the most requested travel destinations lately, because of the great climate, attractions and friendly locals.



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