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Dec 5

Discover the best things to do in Richmond upon Thames

Richmond is a quite village, yet according to government reports its residents are some of the happiest people of the United Kingdom. It is not at all difficult to understand why the people living in the borough of Richmond upon Thames are in high spirits. They have a great many places to see, besides the gorgeous river Thames of course. What is more, the town is home to a great number of shops, restaurants, not to mention the cinemas and the theatres. What is sure is that there exciting things to do here. Making the move is difficult because the London borough is one of the most expensive ones. To be able to live in this posh neighbourhood you need a solid income, not to mention savings. Living in south-west London may not be an option, but visiting this beautiful part is well worthwhile. Read on to discover the best things to do in Richmond.

If you are a fan of seeing plays on stage, try going to the theatre

The Richmond theatre is located right in the heart of Little Green and the performance includes musicals, comedy, dance and of course theatre productions. What makes this theatre stand out is the fact that the building has maintained all of its original features. It was built in 1899, serving as the Theatre Royal and Opera House. You could say that the place is a little bit of history. The theatre is one of the most successful ones in the country and it holds an impressive sway with audiences. The prices are low compared to those of London theatres, which is a good thing as you do not need to dig deep into your pockets to go see a play.

Take a walk around Richmond Park

People, in particular families, are spending more time indoors and less time outdoors. If you are travelling with your family, you should think about visiting Richmond Park. Each year, millions of tourists visit what is considered the largest enclosed space in London. Why? Well, many come here hoping to see the spectacular deer. There are over 650 deer in the park, but you have sure not to get too close. The great outdoors accommodate deer as well as numerous trees and exotic plants. The landscapes are simply breath-taking and you will not regret going to see the unspoilt nature. The park is basically an oasis from day to day life.

See where the Queen keeps her hats

You cannot really say that you know Richmond upon Thames after only one visit. The vast majority of people that come here are not aware of the fact that this is the place where the Queen keeps her hat collection. What most tourists know is that the borough has a rich history, but it does not cross their minds that the former royal residence used to be home to the royal wardrobe as well. More precisely, the Queen used to keep here fine things, like her hats. While you cannot actually go inside, you have the chance of admiring the architecture.


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