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Feb 15

Does Ibiza Villa Rental Have More Advantages Over A Hotel?

You are heading to Ibiza to enjoy the nightlife scene, parties and top accommodation. Yet, you are not sure where to stay during your clubbing holiday. Despite the fact that Ibiza villa rental has gained tremendous popularity, it seems that most people do not even consider missing out on the chance of staying in a hotel. The common belief is that booking a room in a hotel is more advantageous. However, is it? Well, if you want to get away from the crowds and enjoy peace and quiet, you have no choice but to rent a villa. If you are looking forward for an extended break in Ibiza, you should rent an estate. It can save you time, money and many problems. Here are top reasons to rent a villa rather than a hotel in Ibiza.

A Villa Is Less Expensive Than a Hotel Room in Ibiza

Hotels in Ibiza are both aesthetically pleasing and spacious. The only problem is that a hotel stay will have you digging deep into your pockets. As surprising as it may seem, a villa rental is cheaper. The reason for this is that you book accommodation by the night instead of per day. The point is that whatever lodging you are interested in, you will pay considerable less for your stay. Booking a property is in fact the only way to holiday. An estate has amenities like air conditioning, beachfront, kitchen and Wi-Fi Internet, not to mention that it is located near the town center. What is certain is that a villa offers great value for money.

Enjoy More Privacy When Staying In a Villa in Ibiza

Even if you are going to Ibiza solely with the purpose to hit the dance floors, you will feel the need for alone time every now and then. After all, you will need to recharge your batteries after a night out. When you stay in a luxurious estate, you will be the only one there. You do not have to worry about guests or their children. You will have all the piece and quitter you want. The bedrooms are separate. In case you are on a family trip and you bring your kids with you, they will have their own rooms. You will not need to share the room or the amenities.

Ibiza Villas Offer Personal Attention

When booking a private villa in Ibiza, you enjoy nothing but personal attention. To be more precise, the concierge service will take care of everything from your laundry to your tours. The job of the staff is to cater to the needs of clients, so you should expect to be greeted with excitement at your arrival. Depending in where you stay, you may be provided daily or weekly maid service. What is certain is that you will enjoy your stay in Ibiza.   


Now that you know what benefit come with booking a villa, do you still want to stay in a hotel? Chances are that you are already searching the Internet for rental villas.


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