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Mar 7

Enjoying the beautiful Jerusalem

There is nothing more exciting than traveling, nothing more thrilling than visiting new places and getting to know to world in which you live. Even if two countries are situated close to each other, the cultural differences are great. It is worth your effort to get to familiarize yourself with new individuals, with new ways of understanding life. When thinking about travelling, you have to really consider your options. Apparently, all individuals who feel the need to travel will discover that there is that one trip that is distinctive from all points of view, a trip that is more about understanding yourself and less about getting to know the world. As you can imagine, such a trip deserves a thrilling destination. Thus, it should really come as no surprise that so many people in search of self-awareness choose Jerusalem as their destination. There is really no other location that speaks of spirituality better than this country. If you should be planning such a trip, perhaps you might want to choose one of the vacation rentals Jerusalem options instead of the traditional hotels. This way, you will really understand the existing cultural differences.


Vacation rentals are exactly what you need if you want to get to know this cultural and to get better acquainted with yourself as well. These establishments are decorated in a familiar manner, having a welcoming style, keeping all travelers away from the hectic and noisy atmosphere that is specific to large hotels. What you have to understand is that Jerusalem is like no other destination. This is a very important point on the spiritual and religious map. Thought to be the place where it all began, you can imagine the emotional, spiritual charge of Jerusalem. All tourists that have visited this location agree that the feelings they had when arriving here are impossible to describe. In Jerusalem, you will find answers, but you need to begin by visiting those relevant locations that will open your eyes. Church of the Holy Sepulchre is one of the places all tourists have to make a stop. This is said to be the places where Jesus was crucified and where he is buried.


Furthermore, all visits to this great city should include a stop at the famous Garden of Gethsemane. This is said to be the place where Jesus prayed before he was taken to be crucified. Also, this is where the meeting between Jesus and Satan took place, where the battle between the Good and Bad takes place once again. If you are going to the Garden, you should definitely make a stop at the Mount of Olives. This is thought to be the place from which Jesus ascended to the Sky and reunited his Father in the sky. Today, it is a Jewish cemetery, so the spiritual charge is still a high one. In all honesty, everything that is linked to Jerusalem is scared. Each corner may very well have a spiritual charge that is difficult to deny. This is why this location is by far the right place to get to know yourself from a spiritual point of view.



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