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Jun 6

Fool-proof Newcastle travel guide

If you plan to have a week-end trip in Newcastle, you must know that there are plenty of entertaining activities you could put on your list. A city where slipping from the urban life is easy to handle, as it is re-entering it, Newcastle is the perfect destination for both families and groups of young individuals looking to have some fun in a highly entertaining location. Stag nights in Newcastle are the latest trend, if you are interested in such activities. However, let’s see what is out fool-proof Newcastle travel guide.

Plenty of amazing attractions

Luckily, Newcastle has generous attractions for all visiting it. Start by seeing the High Level Bridge, an attraction designed by Robert Stephenson, completed in 1949. The construction is an amazing structure of iron under the shape of an arch, it shortly become one of the emblematic points of the town. Continue with the Central Arcade, a beautifully preserved Victorian monument that is currently hosting a shopping arcade where tourists can find everything from souvenirs, to knick-knacks and other things. Grainger Town is the heart of the city, the historic part which is beautifully preserved and hosts amazing architectural attractions from throughout the centuries.

Hop the numerous parties in town

Although it’s a perfect city for family escapes, the young ones searching for adventures and parties that last up to the morning can find their piece of Heaven here as well. Luckily, there are plenty of clubs and pubs that host amazing parties. Inform yourself on these parties on dedicated websites, since they exist. They have up to date events in each corner of the city and you can find out more about each of them by clicking it. Read more about the event, and if it tickles your fancy, than attend it.  Under the form of a guide for those visiting the city, or even locals, these platforms are handy tools for all of those searching for a little entertainment in their incursions.

Visit the galleries and museums

The highly entertaining vacation location has plenty to offer when it comes to arts and museums. Make sure you check off your list the University Gallery and Baring Wing, the Great North Museum, the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, as well as the Biscuit Factory. They are all worth your attention, for a full Newcastle experience.

These are our pieces of advice for a fool-proof Newcastle vacation. Follow them for a great experience.  


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