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Sep 29

Getting around while on holiday: public transport vs. car rental


When it comes to traveling, you have to choose the alternative that best suits your needs and style while considering important aspects including the number of travelers, the amount of luggage and the geographical area you want to cover. In rural areas for example, some places are difficult to reach by public transportation while others dispose of modern freeways perfect for driving. Of course, we do not take into account those paths and secret routes that practically demand you to walk in order to admire certain sceneries. Overall, we have to admit that driving a car gives you freedom, flexibility and comfort, especially if we consider that people usually want to avoid hassle and reach their destination as quick as possible. Just by typing cheap car rentals near me, you can find many companies willing to help you select a reliable car for your holiday.

Car vs. train

One of the advantages of renting a car is that you do not have to worry about flexibility. You can drive around whenever and wherever you want without taking into consideration the train schedule. In addition, the car represents a better choice if you want to reach remote areas while the train limits you from this point of view. If you are going to the countryside, discovering accommodations that are located far away from the train lines is possible only if you have a car, not to mention that during peak seasons, you will encounter difficulties finding a place to stay without reservations. When you find yourself in such a situation, the only solution available is driving to another location, probably the next town. Because train prices increase with each year that passes by, car rentals represent a good option for tight budgets and if more people share the same car, then the expenses are divided equally. If you have a vehicle that does not consume much gas, you can even return home with some money in your pocket. Furthermore, when you travel by train, you have to expect delays and cancellations, which ruins the mood of any traveler. The only disadvantage when choosing car over train is that someone must stay behind the wheel, but if you enjoy driving this should not represent a major problem.

 Car vs. bus

Taking the bus represents an option only in urban areas and you are forced to bear the agitation and the crowd. Moreover, you have to keep in mind the bus schedules and waste your time waiting at the lines. If you travel with your family, then you have to put the safety and comfort of your children first. As soon as you get into the buss automatically, you take many risks because the chances of theft increase significantly and you will probably not even realize that something is missing until it is too late. The bus practically ensures transport for many people who must share a relatively small space meaning that you and your family will definitely lack privacy and comfort, not to mention that your personal security is threatened.


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