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Dec 13

How do you keep your stuff safe while traveling for work? 


How often do you take business trips? This is without any doubt the last questions you wanted to be asked. You travel pretty much all the time at your job. The thing is that undertaking trips for business purposes isn’t as exciting as you think it is. You don’t get the chance to interact with your colleagues, not to mention that you return to paperwork mountains. When you’re always on the move, it’s difficult if not impossible to keep hold of belongings, such as electronic devices. So, what do you do? You’ll have to continue reading to find the solution.

The answer: Book a self-storage unit  

Self-storage has become a thriving industry and it’s not hard to understand why. Private customers, as well as businesses, rent storage units, whether they need a place to keep their belongings or an emergency backup. You, as a traveling professional, should consider self-storage. You don’t have to bring your stuff with you or give it away. All you have to do is book a self-storage unit and put aside your collection of things. There’s no reason why you should burden a friend with your belongings when you can simply rent a unit from a dedicated facility at the location of your choice. You’ll be happy to hear that there’s no shortage of storage space.

Self-storage is a blessing in disguise

You don’t want to drag your personal items to unfamiliar places. The only solution that you’ve got, the only one worth taking into account, is renting a storage unit. You may not realize it but self-storage is a blessing in disguise. These are the perks that a business traveler like yourself enjoys:

  • Affordable rental fees: It’s wrongly believed that self-storage is expensive. Rental fees area affordable, meaning that if you need a storage unit to hold your belongings for a period of time, you won’t have to dig deep into your pockets. The rates are so affordable that anyone can book a storage unit.
  • Plenty of room: One thing you can be sure about and that it that storage facilities have enough room. You just have to pick the right unit size. The size you’ll need depends on how many things you’ll need to accommodate.
  • Climate control: Climate-controlled storage is sufficient for a business traveler. Your electrical devices or whatnot are protected from extreme temperatures, not to mention that dust isn’t an issue. No matter if you store electronics or furniture pieces, climate control is your friend.

What to know when booking a self-storage unit

You’re new to this, so it’s understandable that you don’t have a clue what to do. What you need to know is that there are indoor and outdoor storage units. You’ll want to opt for the indoor type. Why? Simply because your stuff is guarded against the outside world and it’s easier to get into the building. Most importantly, know which of your belongings are covered by homeowner’s insurance. It’s not that your possession will be stolen or anything. It’s just that you may lose coverage if you take the items out of the house.  


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