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Jul 25

How to Find the Best Hotel in Florence Oregon

If we were to make a list of the most underrated places to visit in the USA, the small town of Florence in Oregon would certainly make the list. When it comes to seaside locations, most people flee to tourist flooded locations such as Cape Cod or Martha’s Vineyard. However, if you are looking for a more private, yet equally beautiful location, you should definitely head towards the Oregon Coast. While the coast is quite large, if you want to make the most of your trip here, you should stay in Florence. The town is close to countless attractions, from the sea lion caves to the Oregon sand dunes, not to mention the fact that it sits on the banks of the Siuslaw river. However, we must warn you that Florence is a very small town, and the success of your trip depends heavily on whether or not you can find the right accommodations for your needs. However, you needn’t worry as we will help you find the best hotels in town.

Choose a hotel in a convenient location

Florence is not the type of town where you come to sit on the beach all day and do nothing. There are countless things to see and do nearby, so try to find a hotel in a convenient location. A lot of people head towards fancy hotels like the Heceta Head lighthouse. However, if you choose such a location, you should know that it is very secluded, and if you want to visit the surrounding attractions, you will waste a lot of time on the road. A more convenient choice would be the Lighthouse Inn located on Highway 101.  This inn is within walking distance to the Old Town center, and it is very close to the beach and the sand dunes. Moreover, this is one of the oldest hotels in Florence Oregon. It was built in 1938, and it has been running non-stop ever since. Many people recommend this inn due to the friendly staff and the clean and cozy rooms.

Would you care for a river view?

One of the best things about Florence is the fact that it is located on the banks of the Siuslaw river. There are several hotels in town which feature some breathtaking views of the river. Among them, we would like to mention the Best Western Pier Point Inn. Not only do the rooms in this hotel feature some amazing river views, but the inn also has an amazing indoor pool with a gorgeous river view. Moreover, the hotel is clean and modern, the staff are very friendly and the breakfast is delicious.

Do you want to be close to the beach?

While the whole town a Florence is relatively close to the ocean, there is only one beachfront hotel: the Driftwood Shores Resort & Conference Center. So, if you want to wake up to a gorgeous ocean view, this is pretty much your only choice. This is a great place for romantic getaways, but also for relaxing holidays, when you just want to spend as much time on the beach as possible, forget all your worries and recharge your batteries.


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