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Jan 7

Hvar – the best destination for your summer holiday


Hvar is a popular island in the Adriatic Sea, situated in the south of Croatia. In spite of its small dimensions, this place has become very popular in the past years in terms of tourism, since it offers its visitors beautiful sights and comfortable facilities. If you are planning to take a trip around Europe and you want to avoid the most mainstream destinations, then the island of Hvar is definitely the perfect choice for you. What makes this place so special is its contrasting landscape: even if it has a Mesozoic (mostly mountainous) shore, it also has a large fertile coastal plain and multiple water springs.

The beaches of the island of Hvar

This amazing island offers you the possibility to visit a large number of beaches, coves and bays. The coastline comprises more than 200 coves and beaches, so you have plenty of options to choose from. In case you are planning to have a trip in the region, you should know that Dubovica, Lucisca, Kordovon, Grebisce and Gdinj Bays are some of the most popular, so you have to include them in your itinerary. Go to to book accommodation and start organizing your trip to this incredible destination immediately. The spectacular sights are due to the fact that the beaches of Hvar are far from being typical. Unlike other beaches that are plain, lack vegetation and are made only of sands and blue waters, this region offers breathtaking sights. Here, you get to see amazing cliffs and mountain peaks near areas covered with powdery sands on the one hand and rich vegetation on the other. In addition to this, the water has so many shades, ranging from emerald green to turquoise and translucid blue, that you will feel like watching a huge painting.

Accommodation options in Hvar

Although the entire region is normally full of visitors during the warm season, the tourist center is situated on the northern part of the island, called Jesla. Here, you are likely to find plenty of accommodation alternatives, regardless your budget, preferences and duration of your visit. From luxury hotels, to single rooms, family apartments and camping sites, these are all available if you make a small research. You can visit site to find out more details and you can even use the platform to make reservations right away. There are also plenty of rustic villas all around Jesla and Hvar, so in case you prefer simple living and you want to get a glimpse about how the locals are living, you should try this option. No matter what you choose, there is a great benefit of staying on such a small and beautiful island: you are close to almost any important objective. The church of St. Mary, the Old City or the square of St. John are only some of the attractions you will find easy to reach, no matter where you are accommodated. Besides this, since there are a lot of restaurants, shops and entertainment facilities all around the island, your stay will definitely be extremely comfortable.



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