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Jan 3

Myths about sharing the house with other students


Being a student is not an easy thing to do, especially when it comes to costs. There are a lot of aspects that you have to think about, especially when it comes to finding the best accommodation, a thing which can prove extremely expensive, if you do not know where to look for. According to those who have done this thing before, sharing the house with other persons may be the best solution for saving money.  For example, very popular alternative are the shared student houses in Newcastle. There are many persons who came to visit this place first and they decided to move there for studying. But, there are, however, some myths about this particular subject that we would like to clarify, due to the fact that there are a lot of persons who seem confused.

#1. Living with someone can affect your grades because you cannot enjoy the proper atmosphere for studying!

This is just a myth. Even if you live with other persons, it does not mean that you cannot enjoy your space. But the best solution for doing that is making some rules and discussing the living conditions from the beginning. Another good idea is to share the same student house with other persons, but not the room. It will also help you avoiding conflicts. And everybody will have to respect the other private space.

#2. Living with strangers can make you feel stressed because you will have to face a lot of conflicts!

In this case, it all depends on how you choose your roommates. If you find someone who suits your personality, you can become friends and avoid conflicts. Moreover, communication is a good solution. If you speak up your mind and you make things clear from the beginning, you will be able to avoid them. And be careful because a very common cause of arguments is money. Therefore, you have to discuss how you are going to share the costs in an advantageous way for everybody.

#3. You should not move with friends because you will end up arguing and ruining your friendship!

It is a popular myth. It is true that when you live with someone, conflicts may arise, but you should take it as a taste of your friendship. If your friendship is strong enough, you can overcome any problem.

#4. When you live with strangers in the same house, you will have to lock your things because they may want to steal them!

Until you get to know someone better, it is highly recommended to take precautions and invest in a closet with a locker. You can put there your valuable such as your laptop or other similar gadgets. But, when you find out that your roommate is a trust-worthy person, you can forget about this method because she or he may feel offended.



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