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Apr 27

Places to visit in California

California it’s a federal state situated in the west coast of the USA, being the third largest state of US and the most populated. Being so large it’s clear that you will find a lot of interesting places to visit in California.

San Francisco it’s a lovely city, and it is one of the most interesting places to visit in California. It’s architecture it’s superb, being the city that looks the most as an European one. It isn’t very large so it’s easy to get around even without a personal car. It has a rich history and it’s filled with activities that you can do of all kind. It’s main attraction it’s the world renowned Golden Gate Bridge.

Los Angeles it’s the most representative city for California. In LA you can find sunny beaches, where blond girls go for tanning, the glamour of Hollywood , the luxurious Rodeo Drive, Disneyland and let’s not forget all the great museums, art galleries and a lot of events.

San Diego represents also one of the great places to visit in California.  One of its biggest assets is the sunny beach, but the fabulous San Diego zoo represent a great attraction for tourists as well. You can explore the neighborhoods like Little Italy or Old Town and can gain intercultural experience due to its proximity to Mexico.

The Death Valley is another “must be seen” from all the great places to visit in California. You can find here some historical sites, most of them being related to the railroad history. The nearest town where you can settle in, it’s Death Valley Junction.

One of the cities that get overlooked by people who visit California it’s Sacramento. A lot of people don’t know that it’s the capital of the state. You can visit the Old Town Sacramento and explore the government buildings that are spread around the town or historic landmarks.

Located in the Southern California, Salton Sea it’s a place you can’t miss. You can find a big salt water lake here, but what it is really interesting it’s the fact that this area supposed to be a big recreational area, but because of some problems it became mostly deserted. A few people still live here, and it gives you the feeling that you are in a ghost town. An unique experience that you wouldn’t want to miss out.

These are some of the great places to visit in California, but if you plan a longer trip you shouldn’t miss Marysville, Redding, San Luis Obispo or Arcata.


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