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Apr 12

Places to visit in Florida

As summer is just a few months away, we have to present to you one of the most popular states in the US in the summer time. You can find a lot of interesting places to visit in Florida, from DisneyWorld to The Keys.

One of the most popular cities in Florida is Orlando. As a family you can find here a lot of attractions, starting from the famous DisneyWorld, which attracts millions of tourists every year. Orlando isn’t considered, for nothing, one of the most popular places to visit in Florida, considering the fact that here you may also find the Sea World, Epcot Center, Gatorland, the Wet n’Wild Water Park, Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum, the Central Florida Zoo and the Universal Studios. A lot of beaches and golf resorts are also in the neighborhood.

The most populated city in Florida is Jacksonville. The city is build tourist-oriented so it’s very easy to get around. A very popular place, that you can’t miss if you go here, it’s the Riverwalk. Also a lot of museums, landmarks and beaches are available in one of the great places to visit in Florida.

A city that is more for the younger tourists, but not exclusively, it’s Miami. Here you can enjoy the beautiful beaches, the nightlife and you can find a very rich cultural world. Also if you like shopping and vacations in the urban area you will enjoy this city more than the other places to visit in Florida.

The Florida Keys also represent a must-see for tourists that are interested in the beautiful beaches of Southern California. About 1700 islands are available for visitors. Most tourists prefer the Key West because a lot of activities are available here and the beaches are stunning. Old Town Key is another reason why you should visit Key West.

Key Largo is also one of the interesting places to visit in Florida. This is an alternative for Key West, as it’s situated in the north, and it’s easy to reach by car. It’s a great destinations for people who prefer adventurous treks into nature as it’s situated very close to the Evergaldes.

If you enjoy golfing, boat rides and long walks on the beach, then we recommend the mid-sized city of Port Saint Lucie. Water activities and other active adventures are available for people who don’t prefer to sit all day on the beach.Other great places to visit in Florida are Port St.Joe, Cape Coral, Weeki Wachee, Vero Beach.


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