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Apr 10

Places to visit in Louisiana

Louisiana is a state situated in the south of the US, biggest city being New Orleans. It has a strong influence of multiple cultures. Every year tourists come to visit, due to numerous interesting places to visit in Louisiana.

Located in Iberia Parish, Avery island in one of main favorite places to visit in Louisiana by tourists. This place is a salt dome, that hosts a rock salt mine, which it’s in use since the Civil War. The name comes from the Avery family which settled here in the 1830s, but the American Indians actually discovered the salt dome. Avery Island is also famous for the fact, that here it’s manufactured the well-known Tabasco brand pepper sauce. Also in the island you may see various exotic species of animals, birds and plants.

The New Orleans Museum of Art is also one of the great places to visit in Louisiana. The Museum it’s located in the biggest city in the state, New Orleans. It’s main attraction is the big collection of fine art. There are around 50 beautiful carved sculptures on the landscaped garden. The art exposed in the museum comes especially from American and French artists. If you are a teacher, or student, you should know that the museum is available for organized tour groups, or you can even conduct workshops.

Located in Lafayette, Acadian Village is rather a cultural park, designed as a Cajun style village. This is also one of the tourists favorite places to visit in Louisiana. About seven authentic buildings from the 19th century can be seen here, the village being a perfect representation of the Cajun lifestyle that was followed in the past.

The well-known Jungle Gardens is located on Avery Island. The garden is the vision of Edward Avery Mcllhenny who conceptualized the design. This garden is also the home of the snowy egrets for decades. A bird sanctuary and an interesting collection of plants are also available for tourists.

Another great museum should be mentioned in the places to visitin Louisiana. The National World War II Museum, has a very interesting array of exhibits, which introduces you in the history of World War II. This places gives tourists an insight of the social and political life of the days during WW II.

Kisatchie National Forest is the biggest forest in Louisiana and offers tourists an impressive number of activities. Boating, camping, swimming, mountain biking, etc are available for the ones who prefer interesting activities rather than long walks in the park. There are over 40 sites with all kind of different activities for you to have a great time with your friends or family.


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