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May 7

Planning a bachelor trip to Turks and Caicos – what it takes

If you want to organise your friend’s bachelor party in Turks and Caicos, then you have made a great decision. But before landing there you have to make sure that you consider some aspects, because they will improve the quality of your trip 100%. Many people state that they wished they knew more information when visiting this region, because it would have changed the way they would have planned the trip. The first thing you should know is that the islands are British territory, the largest group of islands is called Caicos and the smallest one is called Turks. The majority of people have no idea where they are located, so there would be no surprise your friends to have the misconceptions that you will take them to a trip to Turkey.

What the climate and seasons are?

The good news is that the islands see more than 350 sunny days per year, so you can choose the period that better suits your schedule. But you should know that hurricanes are something common for the islands, and you should check if they are announced to happen around the period when you plan to visit the islands. The hurricane season is from June through November so it is recommended to not travel to Turks and Caicos during this period. It is advisable to plan your visit from November through March, because this is the best time if you want to add to your schedule deep sea fishing Turks and Caicos Islands.

What the costs of a trip would be

Because we are talking about a bachelor party, then you should expect the trip to be expensive. You may want to stay in one of the pricy hotels, and eat exquisite food. Some of the most luxurious hotels from the island are Grace Bay Club, and Gansevoort, and you should expect to pay around £300 if you want rooms with ocean view. But keep in mind that you pay for immaculate services, because people here know how important it is to keep their clients satisfied. If you want to enjoy exclusive services as renting Grand Slam Charters, then you should expect to pay for your trip, because entertainment comes at a price.

What attractions should you put on your list?

Well, you can start with the beaches, because during nighttime you may party in bars, but during day you may want to take baths of sun. It would be a pity to not spend time on the beach, because Turks and Caicos are famous for their clean and beautiful beaches. This is not a place that never sleeps but the provincials know how to party, because at the end of the day we are talking about vacation islands. Do not forget to plan a day of deep sea fishing, because every male from your entourage will love the idea. If you like snorkelling then you should visit Chalk Sound, Bright Reef or Smith’s Reef. You will find many things to do during your trip here, so make sure to plan your vacation from home.


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