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Dec 3

Reasons to visit Del Mar


Considered one of the most beautiful and romantic places in the world, Del Mar is considered California’s coastal gem and has become a popular destination for those who are looking for a romantic getaway. Just a quick look on any Del Mar guide will convince you to place this destination on your next must-visit list, but here are the main reasons why everyone should visit this destination as soon as possible:

Beautiful beaches and plenty of water sports to choose from

Those who love spending time at the beach will definitely love Del Mar. Its long and beautiful beach is perfect for those who want to get a gorgeous tan and swim in warm waters. There are also places where people can learn how to surf and do many other activities that will be a lot of fun. This is actually a great surfing spot. Since the city has fairly limited parking spaces, the surfing spots are hardly ever crowded, so you can enjoy your time on the waves without bumping into other surfers half the time. Of course, other water sports are available as well in the area. Snorkeling is available along with other fun activities that will make your holiday memorable.

Great restaurants

If you love to try the local cuisine of every place you visit, you will definitely love this place. Whether you are looking for a fancy 5 course meal or for a delicious burger, this is the right place to find anything you need. Del Mar has something for every taste and everything is delicious and at a relatively affordable price, making it a great family destination. You can always enjoy a nice meal with your loved one or your entire family in this beautiful destination and every day will become a celebration.

Whale watching

One of the most important reasons to visit Del Mar is to witness the annual migration of the Gray Whales. Every season numerous whales journey south in the search of warmer waters and on their way they pass through this destination. These animals are truly amazing creatures that will fascinate all viewers. Their spouts can often be seen for miles, especially on clear days. This is the type of event that anyone should see at least once in a lifetime and Del Mar is the perfect destination.

Dog beach

Those who have a dog and like to bring him with them on their holidays will be glad to know that Del Mar has a beach where dogs can run free, off-leash for as long as they want. Dog Beach is a popular place for those who either love to travel with their pets or want to see happy dogs running and playing with each other. The beach is low key and has very few incidents, so pet owners can rest assured that their beloved dogs will be safe to run around. Of course, owners with aggressive dogs are advised to avoid letting their dogs free.



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