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Oct 6

Things any traveller should know about RV showers

When most people travel, hotels, motels and B&Bs are the preferred form of accommodation, but there is another, more exciting option: travelling in an RV. If you love driving and being on the road, an RV allows you to explore new places in more depth, gives you more freedom and a sense of adventure. Needless to say, it’s cheaper! However, it does come with a set of challenges, especially in terms of comfort, space and hygiene. For long road trips, a shower is obviously essential, so you have to know how to install a shower, how to choose the right RV shower head and how to install adequate fixtures. Here are some basic guidelines on how to have SPA-like showers even away from home.

Travelling in an RV doesn’t have to be uncomfortable

Many people prefer not to travel in RVs because they think it’s very uncomfortable or that they would have to neglect their personal hygiene for weeks. This might have been the case a few decades ago, but things have changed. Now, you can buy an RV complete with a shower or install a shower without spending a fortune. You can even install a shower skylight to have the perfect experience. This way, even if you travel in summer, you’ll still be fresh and clean.

RV showers are different from home showers

Although the showering experience is the same, RV showers have specific technical requirements, so you’ll need a professional to install them. They might look similar, but the installation must be adjusted to your available space. At home, you can use as much water as you like, but in an RV this quantity must be limited (the water tank has 10 gallons at most, while a house has up to 60 gallons). This means you’ll have to be speedier when taking a shower.

It’s all about the shower head

A shower head is just a shower head, right? Well, not exactly, because it can make a huge different, especially in terms of water consumption. You should buy a special RV shower head to conserve resources. What makes this option different is that it consumes much less water, but you won’t sense the difference, because it is pressurised. This means that you can sit in the shower and wash yourself comfortably, without having to turn off the water or deal with low pressure. RV shower heads are easy to install, all you have to do is unscrew the old head and screw a new one on. You can also install them at home if you want to save money.

How to clean RV showers

Any shower must be cleaned from time to time and the one in your RV is no different, because you don’t want bacteria and limestone to build up. Cleaning doesn’t take a long time and you can finish this process quite quickly, even with dryer sheets. Make sure you stay away from harsh chemical detergents, because you can damage the floor or shower hardware and also have a strong smell that is all the more bothersome in such a small space.


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