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Dec 22

Things to do in Lake District

Lake District is maybe one of the most beautiful destinations in the United Kingdom. Whether you live there or you are just visiting the country for a short period of time, this natural park should definitely be on your attractions’ list. Taking into consideration the increasing popularity of the region in terms of tourism, the infrastructure and facilities have developed a lot, so there are many accommodation options available, including cottages, guest houses top logs or Lake District luxury hotels. Besides these, the region also provides plenty of leisure activities and possibilities for those who choose to spend their holidays here. There are a lot of things to do in Lake District, so in case you decide to visit this area, make sure you do your homework in advance and select part of the things you would like to try. Here are some suggestions including the most popular activities in the region:

Visit the Brockholes natural reserve

Brockholes is one of the most beautiful natural reserves in England. It is located near Preston and Lake District, being easy to reach and offering its visitors multiple things to do and see. Although ages ago, the place was a major quarry extraction site, it has gradually developed into a great local attraction. In 20122, the reserve was opened and became accessible to the wide public, having annually thousands of visitors. There are multiple pools, reedbeds and woodlands you can see if you include the reserve in your itinerary, some of them offering unique sights and breath-taking natural landscapes. This place is the ideal choice for family visits or for those who are passionate about bird-watching.


Try local water sports

Lake District is a group of more than sixteen lakes and water settlements, hence the name. for this reason, those who are passionate about water sports will find this region perfect for a relaxed yet full of action holiday. The complex has multiple lakes and tarns, not to mention the resourceful coastline. For this reason, here you will be able to practice almost any water sport that you could think about, including sailing, rowing, kayaking, windsurfing, fishing or just swimming and splashing around the shore. In addition to this, you can rent a boat and wander around on the lakes, admiring the beautiful landscape.


Take a walk in the natural surroundings

Whether you are visiting Lake District with your family or a group of friends, an organised walking itinerary is the perfect choice for a great afternoon in the area. The area is quite rich, providing multiple itinerary alternatives, for any ability and any type of tourists. You can take high ride walks, combined with scrambling (climbing rocks without using a rope) or opt for a guided walk on the beautiful hills around the lakes. The routes vary depending on what you are willing to see and the level of difficulty you want to try. If you are a beginner, you can just enjoy a simple walk, without venturing to the highest hills.


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