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Dec 26

Tips for choosing an appropriate car for a teen driver


So your child just got his driver’s license and now he wants a car to be only his. As a parent, you start asking yourself a lot of questions concerning the right car for a teen driver because you want to choose the best car that exists. But what should you take into consideration when buying your teen a car? What are the important aspects that you should know before searching for a vehicle? Just keep on reading to find out more because the following tips are meant to help you decide.

Car size

It is said that the bigger the car, the more protection it provides when an accident occurs. Yes, this is an important benefit, but an SUV can be a little scary for an inexperienced driver because some people are actually afraid to drive, chiefly if they are forced to drive a 4×4 car. The perfect car for a teen would be a mid-size sedan because there is less rollover risk but plenty of protection. Also, a teenager’s car should have an average horsepower engine. Do not spend your money on powerful cars because your child’s life is much more important than some crazy horsepower.

Is it better for the car to be new or used?

Some prefer buying used cars because they are cheaper but forget to weigh up the pros and cons of older cars. But when it comes to buying a vehicle for a teen driver, you should think of the fact that the newer the car is, the more safety features it has. The cost may be higher, but it will for sure be worth it. For example, Edmunds advises the 2018 Toyota Corolla Sedan to be an appropriate car for a teen driver for it has a lot of safety features.

Be a good example for your child

Little children have a tendency of stealing their parents’ habits even if they do not intend to do that. So when you are the one who is driving, be cautious. Wear seatbelts, observe laws, use blinkers, and do not text and drive.

Choose a car insurance for young drivers

Finally, an important thing to consider is car insurance for young drivers. Compare the companies from your local town and see which one has the most affordable rate and also, ask about special offers. If your teen has good grades in school, you can maybe get a discount.




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