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Mar 5

Visit New York

The biggest metropolitan area in the United States is called New York and its inhabitants are in the number of millions, it is situated on the coast of the Atlantic on a natural harbor in the northeastern part of the United States. Being as large as it is I can promise you that you won’t have many troubles trying to communicate in a different language other then English since in this city inhabitants talk over 800 languages and dialects.

Not many people know that New York has over 1000000 tourists every week, some may wonder why are there so many people visiting New York, well the answer to that might lay in one of the many attraction points that the “Big Apple” has to offer.

Everyone knows a few of these like the Statue of Liberty with its not so natural green color which is in fact the color of the corroded cooper alloy which was used in the construction of the mammoth construction, Times Square where every day more then 1 million persons walk by each other, Madison Square Garden the place that hosts the biggest sports events, Empire State Building that was the tallest building in New York, Ground 0 World Trade center Site which bears the scars of the 9.11.2001 terrorists attacks that trembled the entire world not only the symbol of prosperity and economy of the United States.

But there are so many more attractions that might be just what you are looking for not everyone wants to visit the American Museum of Natural History or Prospect Park with its zoo some may just want to visit Yankee Stadium.

However even if you’re visiting New York from outside the US or just from outside the country you will definitely have to grab some food and even rest a few hours in the comfort and privacy of a nice hotel you might even consider visiting one of the notorious neighborhoods like Bronx regardless of its bad reputation you can have some of the best food in town in this zone.

What better way to end a night then to visit the Harlem neighborhood which is one of the most filled places with musical history in the entire city . After a thrilling night in the Big City you must feel like running a bit and if the Central Park doesn’t cut it for you, you can always swing by the Rockaways shore where the most beautiful sunrises or sunsets can be spotted.


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