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Jan 31

Want the best for your child? Embark on an Israel Bar Mitzvah tour

Are you at the beginning stages of planning your son’s Bar Mitzvah? Do not choose a simple reception to celebrate your child’s coming of age. If you want nothing but the best for your son, you should organize a memorable and meaningful event. Forget about the old-fashioned celebratory meal with friends and family and take your child on a special trip to Israel. What families like yours should do is strengthen their ties to Judaism and create memories with Israel Bar Mitzvah tours. Exploring Israel with your family and celebrating Bar Mitzvah with group tours is indeed a life-changing experience. It will be the trip of your lifetime!

Why celebrate your child’s Bar Mitzvah in Israel?

Bar Mitzvah’s in Israel are important turning points in a kid’s life and parents need to understand this. Becoming of age in the Jewish homeland is something different. You child discovers fascinating destinations and learns about their history. Almost all tours combine religion with history, so you can be sure that your son will enjoy an instructive experience. The young man’s journey starts and ends in front of the rabbi. The candidate is connected with the rabbi to establish a personal relation, which ultimately brings depths to the ceremony. What is certain is that at the end of the ceremony your kid will have discovered his connection to this incredible country and that he will come home with a sense of achievement.

Sights you must see during your time you are in Israel

The site of the Bar Mitzvah needs to be carefully chosen. You can choose from many locations, your options being almost countless. If you have a limited amount of time and you do not know what sights are worth seeing, here are some suggestions. Your day will be a mixture of seeing both ancient and modern sites.

  1. Tzfat Bat Mitvah Center

Tzfat Bat Mitvah Center is a great location for a celebration of coming of age. This location holds a place of honour in Jewish history, serving as a spiritual, cultural and geographic center for the Jews of Galilee. Travel through the old Jewish quarter and see the impressive 16th century synagogue.  

  1. Masada

Masada is a mountain fortress located in the south of Israel, overlooking the Dead Sea. Masada is important because it is a UNESCO world heritage and a place full of history. Its inhabitants committed mass suicide, refusing to surrender to the Roman enemies. It is famous for accommodating palaces and the scenery is simply heart-stopping.

  1. Jerusalem

You cannot afford not to take a trip to the old city of Jerusalem. Go see the alleyways of the Jewish quarters and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the holiest site to Christianity. If you look beyond its theological persona, you will see that Jerusalem is a captivating city. Travellers can choose from top activities, like cooking classes and museum crawling.

  1. Israel Tennis Center

This non-profit organization is dedicated to enhance the development of children through tennis. You can play tennis where top Israeli players learned the game.  


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