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Feb 29

What to visit in Greece

You should always keep in mind when you visit Greece that if a Greek person is making you a gift he will always expect something in return, so if you make a reservation at a hotel for example and they tell you that you’ll get free air conditioning in your room you should expect to pay two times as much for the food that you get at the hotel’s restaurant. Greeks are like banks they never loose no mater how tempting they make their offers sound. So try to make a deal with a agency from your own country to be as sure as possible you won’t have unpleasant surprises.

When you get to Greece we suggest you to visit the most important places that they have to show to tourists. Look, you can start with Thessaloniki, the capital of the Macedonian empire, where the statues of Philip and Alexander the Blind and many other artifacts are held; also visit the White Tower, churches, then just continue with Mount Athos, Meteoras, Sparta in the Peloponnese and last but not least Athens …

Halkidiki is a famous Greek peninsula, located in northern Greece, near the city of Thessaloniki. Halkidiki has three branches called Cassandra, Sithonia and Aghios Oros where there is Mount Athos. Halkidiki has interesting, beautiful and unique villages and some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, known for their crystalline waters and fine white sand.

You can visit the Temple of Apollo at Bassai which has some unusual features. The columns are arranged according to an archaic arrangement – 6 X 15, rather than according to traditional standards – 6 X 13 and the positioning is oriented north and not east. Columns Doric style exterior, but the nave has two rows of Ionic columns. Frieze is on the inner walls of the nave and not those outside. Thus, Iktinous proved an avant-garde architect, setting the stage for a greater importance of the temple interior.

Another great place you should swing by when visiting Greece is it’s beaches that are a main attraction of the islands like the one of Rhodes. In the east of the island’s beaches are almost continuous, and the waters are calm. Western beaches have gravel and winds stir up the water, so is ideal for water sports.

Another think that you should definitely try out while visiting Greece is to taste the food especially the sheep meat and the sheep cheese. Finally, it is also important to think about your safety while traveling abroad, which is why searching for some life insurance quotes online might be really helpful. You not only need to insure your health, but your possessions as well, in case they get lost or stolen. With life insurance quotes online you have the possibility to find the best deals in your area and thus have the perfect summer vacation in one of Greece’s beautiful islands.


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