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Feb 14

What to visit in London

You’ve always wandered about these place in Europe that has so many wanders and intriguing places that anyone that wants to feel alive must see. This place is London, the place called home by around 8 million people of which most of them are immigrants and tourists. The official language is English but many people talk many other different languages. The city was built first by the Romans in the year 43 AD and it wet trough a period of being abandoned in the 5’th century till the 6’th when it was repopulated and rebuilt y Anglo Saxons . In the 9’th century the city was heavily attacked by Vikings. In the 10’th century the city which was the biggest city of the country became the most powerful trading city because of the unification of England and so the city kept developing becoming what you can see today.

So if you want to visit London we can point you in the right directions.
If you always wanted to visit Wembley Stadium well as soon as you get there you sure can visit one of the greatest recent structures and monuments in the UK. Wembley Stadium has been around for many years, but recently it has been rebuilt to it’s current might. The time needed f rte rebuilding of the stadium only took a few years and the results were outstanding. If you are lucky enough to visit Wembley Stadium on an off day when there is no football match or concert being played we suggest a guided tour around the venue. Trust us you won’t be disappointed.

The London Eye is another must go to destination when you visit London and not only because it is situated at only a stick throw away from the House of Parliament and the Big Ben but mostly because of the way it makes you feel when you get to see the entire city from a whole new perspective.

If you decide to visit London you should take a pick at the place where for tens of years people that didn’t followed the low were tortured in afoul painful and hard to imagine means inside the thick walls of the notorious tower the now well known London Tower.

You can visit the Buckingham Palace by taking a royal trip around the huge gate of the entrance of the residence of the royal family. This palace is the residence for the royal family for more then 100 years and just by being in front of it will give you a chill trough your bones by amazing you with his beauty.


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