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Dec 27

What to visit in Madrid

Madrid the capital city of Spain is a place that has loads of places to be explored and seen. The Madrid name comes from the antique name of the al-magrit (which ment source of water) river which over the centuries transformed trough words like Mayerit and Magerit till taking the name we all know today.

The greatest Pallace in Europe is located in Spain and if you are going to visit Madrid you must also visit the Royal Palace which houses numerous paintings sculptures and unique works of art. This place is a highly researched tourist attraction mostly because its ubiquity.

You are a fan of Real Madrid football team you should try and get some tickets to one of their matches but if you really want to be o the famous Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid on one of your favorite teams matches you should better get tickets and the only reliable way to get tickets to a match of this team is to get them online and they can be delivered to your hotel or even to your home before you actually get to visit Madrid.

Every person that is visiting Madrid saw at least once on TV or at least has heard about the famous Spanish bullfights that happen in bullrings. Madrid being the capital city has in fact a great number of bullrings but the greatest of them all is called La Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas del Espíritu Santo. The great structure is built from ceramic tiles and red bricks. And it was inaugurated in 1931 and today it is used for other activities as well such as rock concerts or political debates.

The Prado Museum was opened as a museum in 1819 by the request of the Queen of Spain who at hat time returned from a visit to the Luvre museum in Paris where she saw so many works of art exposed in one location so she decided to showcase an exposition of art works at least just as great as that one in her own country so that’s how this museum came to existence.

Before ending this visit to Madrid you have to taste the fried dough crispy sticks which are called traditionally churros and are eaten alongside a mug of hot thick chocolate. The mix of the two tastes, the saltines of the crispy sticks and the sweetens of the thick chocolate although it seems weird for some it brings you back in the mood of exploring more areas of the old city.


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