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Feb 27

What to visit in Miami

A great place to visit if you are visiting the US is the State of Florida and more precisely you should visit Miami. The city of Miami is Located on the remote southern coast of Florida, between mangrove swamp and barrier reef and it was founded 100 years ago, when Henry Flagel extended railroad south to bring fruits from this region since there is no frost here.

If you’re planning to visit Miami you should know that after the Second World War the mob moved here, then, when Fidel Castro took power, waves of Cubans fled to Miami, followed by another mass immigration in the 1980s. The cultural climate the Cubans created in Miami inspired residents of other Latin American countries (Colombia, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Haiti) to seek refuge from poverty or oppressive governments and emigrate. So now, in Miami Spanish is spoken as much as English.

By visiting Miami you are helping a shopping center, a financial, cultural, sports, entertainment, transport and tourism center, sustain and prosper since the main source of income for the city lays exactly in these activities.

Even tow the city is one of the most modern in America and the second largest in Florida after Jacksonville, the most exciting, exotic and cosmopolitan areas that makes it distinguish from the others is also the place you must check out. The Miami Beaches with its famous area that can be recognized everywhere just by saying South Beach. South Beach is probably the most recognized area with Deco Art buildings in candy colors against the sky blue, pastel sand beaches and palm trees swayed by the wind. Much of the charm of the area is due to different neighborhoods, which range from the skyscrapers of downtown to the trendy in Miami Beach.

But the city is changing with the revitalization of its downtown, and luxury apartments are being built everywhere. Since real estate prices have grown exponentially, the locals are heading west, away from the beaches and the oldest and most luxurious neighborhoods.

A place worth passing trough when you visit Miami would be the Coral Castle which was built entirely by one man for his love a woman that left him a day before the wedding.

You can visit the Bass Art Museum in Miami Florida and since it is a museum that can be named as a great one among names like Lowe Art Museum and Wolfsonian Museum.


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