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Jan 8

What to visit in Paris

During my trip to Europe I stopped to visit Paris and I don’t regret it at all and thanks to my friend Pierre who lives in Paris and which I first meet while I was on a business trip in Ohio, I was able to reach place I would’ve been able to reach only if I had a professional guide. Since tourist guides are expensive and often only show you what they think that it might interest you I’m going write down a list of locations that you must check out if you decide to visit Paris.

The Arc of Triumph was built over the remains of an unknown soldier killed during World War I and a perpetual lamp is burning in the foundation. Roads in all directions start from the Arc de Triumph and the Charles de Gaulle square in which the arch is found is known as the “Star Square” and is definitely a good candidate for your to do list when you go visit Paris.

Being one of the most attracting places that draw tourists it would be a shame to miss taking a walk on the famous Champs-Elysees the most beautiful avenue in the world. It starts from the Concorde Square and it ends at the Arc of Triumph.

Maybe the two words that made you choose to visit Paris were Eiffel Tower. The tower got his name from it’s designer Gustav Eiffel and is the tallest building in Paris. More then 200 million people visited the tower making it the most tourist attractive tourist point in Paris.

If you feel like you’re not having any fun in Paris think again since in these town you can find the famous Moulin Rouge where it is considered that the actual form of the can-can dance took form.

Notre Dame Cathedral is not the greatest cathedral in the world but it most certainly is the most famous one, thus making it a must see place you have to visit Paris.

The Pantheon was another place I was thrilled to see and I recommend you to visit. It is positioned on the top of Mountain Ste-Genevieve near the University of Sorbonne and the Luxemburg Gardens.

Grand Palais (The Great Palace) was designed to host the worldwide exposition of 1900 and just as the Petit Palace (Small Palace) which was built for the same purpose it is known for its huge glass roof. Also for the same event the Alexander the III’d bridge was financed and finished.

And these is what I managed to visit in on day but there are so many more places of which my friend is talking with such nice words that makes me feel I’ll soon return to visit Paris.


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