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Jan 19

What to visit in Sicily

The largest island of the Mediterranean, Sicily is situated south of mainland Italy, “boot”, being separated from it by the Strait of Messina. You should visit Sicily Island since it is one of the most popular holiday destinations, which is due primarily to the beautiful coastline and its natural coverage. Its culture and traditions are known all over the world where Sicilians are going to since they are such great keepers of traditions, wherever in the world have migrated.

Today, the famous “Sicilian mafia” began to lose ground to protest the actions of ordinary people and officials. But more than this, Sicily is a land in which historically have been many civilizations and cultures mixed: Norman, Spanish, Moors of North Africa, the ancient Greeks, Phoenicians and Romans. Some cities on the island are only major urban areas but unlike that Catania and Messina, are destinations of great historical value, which have important ancient ruins – Syracuse, Taormina, Agrigento and Selinunte.

Sicily is surrounded by several small islands such as the Lipari Islands group in the north east, Egadi Islands on the west and the Pelagie Islands in the south west.

Catania is the Etna volcano gateway, a crowded economic center, a city with a sparkling nightlife. Also this city holds the European championships of sword in fencing and if you get there in that season you will witness a show that you are rarely given the chance to see and all you have to do is to visit Sicily.

Among the most popular seaside resorts you can enumerate Taormina as well which is also an important tourist center, with a Greek amphitheater that offers stunning views of Etna and the coast of Sicily. Also interesting destinations for trips are the small islands, such as the Stromboli Island known as the island of the two lovers. Islands like these can be reached by ferries which run trips often to all this islands.

You must stay in Taormina, that small town situated at the foot of the spectacular cliffs of Etna massif. The mountain landscape sharply comes down steep by step until it meets the crystal blue waters of the Ionian Sea. Just look up a little in the distance and Etna volcano will greet you with her white clouds. A whimsical volcano, but one that offers a magnificent volcanic landscape!

Terraced houses built directly on the rocks, flowers planted throughout the locals rock explodes in vivid colors on arid, sandy beaches with very fine range, all you will get the newspaper. In addition, the city offers tourist sights like museums, charming squares.


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