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Mar 27

What to visit in Tenerife

If you want to visit an exotic destination in Europe we strongly recommend you to not miss the only jungle from Europe which can be found in Tenerife. Also known as the place where it is always spring due to it’s global positioning which confers temperatures of around 22 degrees all year round the minimum being 15 degrees in the winter and the maximum being 30 degrees in the summer.

Tenerife is the greatest island of the Canary archipelago it is a volcanic island which has a semi active volcano and mountains that reach altitudes of 3700 m. Whether you are seeking for a relaxing holiday or an adventurous one, this is by far one of the best places to visit.

If you want to see animals birds and a great variety of insects, in their natural habitat you should definitely visit the Jungle Park, which offers all of these without giving you any feeling of animals being held in captivity as the Loro Park gives you. Even thaw the feeling that this park gives you is an artificial one it is a very well organized and a clean park where you can see animals like sea lions, dolphins’ etc. perform for the thrill of visitors, the park is a well cared for Zoological garden.

If you want to get transposed to a more medieval time plane you can achieve that by visiting Saint Miguel where you can se knights compete and exhibit their powers. After an evening of having fun it is time to eat and you can even enjoy a meal in the style of medieval knights in their company.

Another place you shouldn’t miss viewing when you visit Tenerife is the now famous Gigantic Rocks which can be seen and admired only if you rent a boat that circles the island. These rocks were once considered to mask the end of the world.

When you decide to visit Tenerife you should remember that the island has two airports one in the south Reina Sofia, and one in the north, the Rodeo airport.

There are two thinks to keep in mind when you visit Tenerife one being that if you enjoy eating fish you will be able to choose yourself the fish you want cooked for you before you buy it and that you will taste the most exquisite sea salad you ever tasted; and the second being that you can and have to bargain for everything you buy there starting from your drink and ending with your trip fees.

Visiting the Tenerife is a life changing event that is most definitely worth experiencing more then once, as soon as leaving the place you will be willing to get back. There are many places to visit in Tenerife that are suitable for both children and adults. You can relax, embark on wonderful adventures and enjoy exquisite food. However, since this is such an adventurous place and you can have so many dynamic activities there such as fishing or scuba diving, it is good to search for some life insurance quotes online before leaving, and thus finding a policy that covers and protects you well during those vacation days. Moreover, getting life insurance quotes online will save you time and money and help you find the most advantageous offers, both for your health and for your possessions.


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