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Apr 5

What to visit in Zurich

What to visit in Zurich or in any other city you are intending to visit is a good aspect to be considering when you are planning a vacation. Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland located in the central area of the country, in the northwest part of Lake Zurich. The city is one of the biggest financial centers being the home of many banks and financial institutions. Named in 2008 the city with the best life quality in Europe, Zurich is one of the most impressive places you should visit. Museums, churches, art galleries, theaters, all can be found in this metropolis which dates back to near 2000 years ago.

If you are planning for a vacation and you haven’t decided where to yet taking Zurich into account is definitely a good option. You are probably asking yourself what to visit in Zurich but you would be more than amazed of the variety of places that are there to see. It’s not just an escape into a cultural world but also a trip that will enrich your knowledge.

First of all, you should know that all sights are located near Limmat River, close to the Main railway station, the largest in Switzerland. Here you can find all churches and houses of the old town and a lot of shops to buy souvenirs and gifts from. There are also informational centers where you can find leaflets and brochures which give suggestions about what to visit in Zurich.

The main churches are Grossmunster (Great Church), located near Lake Zurich, Fraumunster (Our Lady’s Church) and St. Peter, which has the biggest church clock face. You can also visit many great museums such as Zurich Museum of Art, famous for its modern art collections (Picasso, Munch), Swiss National Museum, containing many artifacts and cultural objects, Centre Le Corbusier, inside the last building this famous architect created, dedicated to his work and also the Tram Museum, with representative displays of this system’s evolution since its first appearance.

What to visit in Zurich if you are a nature lover? The city gives you various opportunities of outdoor activities as well. Among them is the Zoological Garden which houses more than 2000 animals from 260 species, such as snow leopards, panda bears, India lions and otters. You can also visit the Botanical Garden housing 15.000 species represented by about 3 million plants and trees. Last but not least, Zurich offers you a small trip to Far East with its Chinese Garden. The garden is a gift from Chinese Town Kunming as a reward for Zurich’s help in its development.

So if you are planning a trip to Switzerland and don’t know what to visit in Zurich, don’t worry. Zurich offers plenty of sights to see. At every corner of the street you could find something worth experiencing. Start with a walk in the old Swiss city!


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