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Jul 15

What you should know when planning a ski trip to Japan

It snows a lot in Japan so it is no surprise that this island country is one of the most popular ski and snowboard destinations in the world. The fact is that there are just over 500 ski resorts rich in amenities and culture. Japanese companies are making efforts to attract as much foreign tourism as possible, although this world class destination does not need any selling. The deep and soft snow speaks for itself. If you are interesting in discovering this frozen treasure, then you should consider looking at some Japan ski holiday packages. Okay, you are on board, but you still be aware of a couple of facts when planning your expedition.

Find an English-speaking resort

You have to take into consideration the fact that Japan is a lot smaller compared to Canada or the US, so there are not endless possibilities of finding an English-friendly vacation location. Even though the island country is unanimously considered a world class ski and snowboard destination, vacation places are located far from the metropolitan area, so you are highly unlikely to find an English-speaking ski resort very fast. Since there is limited availability of information in English, you should choose a vacation destination that will make your experience a memorable one instead of a difficult one.

Consider booking WiFi

If it is impossible to reach an English-speaking population, you can use your dictionary in order to communicate with the locals. If you have not packed any one with one, use WiFi. You have the chance to book WiFi for your tablet, smartphone or laptop computer. You can stay connected for the rest of your trip, so you will not have to worry that your resources are going to end soon. Take advantage of this technology to learn a few basic phrases or learn what is going on in the world.

You will need a guide for the day

While the ski resorts located at the borders of Tokyo are easy to navigate, you will not have the same luck with the vacation places located in the north of the country. Fortunately, a guide can help you get used to the area and the gate system, so you will thus be able to travel through some of the most beautiful mountains. It is important to make sure that your guide knows very well the mountains that you are travelling to. You should only trust someone who has over 20 years of experience and know the mountains like the pal of his hand. In addition to this, you should ensure that your guide has insurance.

One vacation destinations you should consider

When looking at holiday packages, you should take into account the following vacation destination: Nozawa Onsen. For holiday packages, visit The former site of the 1998 Olympics is a resort village that ensures powder skiing. This location is mostly renowned for having played a significant role in the history of competitive sports. The mountain located in Nozawa Onsen delivers the most incredible experience, not to mention the village itself. Not only are the locals hospitable, but you can enjoy a great nightlife.


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